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Oct 19

What PT Red Flags Should Parents Look For?


Physical Therapy may be called for if your son or daughter has any of the following traits:

  • If there is a “floppy or doughy” feel to the muscles
  • If your child has difficultly moving his or her arms or legs or seems to have excessively tight muscles
  • If your child arches his/her back often, even when not mad
  • If your child walks on his/her tippy toes often
  • If your child trips or falls often; clumsy
  • If your child did not want to lie on their stomach as an infant
  • If your baby holds his/her head to one side excessively
  • If your child is late meeting his/her developmental motor milestones

Please call (603) 224-1551 to speak with our Physical Therapist if you notice any of these things……or seek an appointment with your child’s Primary Care Physician for a prescription for treatment.