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Sep 11

What to Look for in a NH Child Therapy Provider

Choosing to enroll your child in therapy is a big step. Therapy can help your child learn and grow in ways you never thought possible – especially if they are special needs, have a learning disability or suffer from some other health condition. It can even improve their speech, their physical abilities, their social skills […]

Oct 19

What PT Red Flags Should Parents Look For?

  Physical Therapy may be called for if your son or daughter has any of the following traits: If there is a “floppy or doughy” feel to the muscles If your child has difficultly moving his or her arms or legs or seems to have excessively tight muscles If your child arches his/her back often, […]

Oct 19

Local Gym Affiliation for our Patients

We have partnered with Granite State Gymnastics, to use their facilities as the child progresses and can benefit from a larger, more unstructured environment. GSG has locations in both Bow and Hooksett. Please see for a view of their amazing facilities!

Oct 19

What types of Physical Therapy services do we offer?

Treatment techniques may include (but are not limited to): Play Therapy Kinesiotaping Orthotic Management Aquatic Therapy Electronic Motor Stimulation

Oct 19

Physical Therapy Developmental Motor Skill Checklist

0-2 months: Able to lie on their stomach for short periods of time holding their head up to 45 degrees Able to roll from their back to either their right or left side 3-5 months: Holds head in line with their body in supported sit Sits with hand support Brings hands to midline when on […]

Oct 19

Is Physical Therapy right for my child?

Physical Therapy Services at KidSpeak are geared towards maximizing the child’s potential for function through play and fun activities. We service all young children who may have any of the following diagnoses: Sensory Integration Dysfunction Speech and Language Disorders Various orthopedic or neurological related challenges Down Syndrome Autism Spectrum Disorder Developmental Delay Areas addressed by […]

Oct 19

What are some red flags that might indicate that a child would benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Weak or stiff uncoordinated movements Awkward grasp of crayons, pencils, scissors, and/or utensils Excessive seeking or avoidance of movement or touch Absence of hand dominance after age 4 Difficulty with age appropriate self-help skills such as dressing Limited attention and organizational problems at home and school Difficulty with feeding, food aversions or eats a very […]

Oct 19

What types of OT diagnoses do we see at KidSpeak?

Occupational Therapy diagnoses include: Autism Cerebral Palsy Traumatic Brain Injuries Developmental Delay Learning Disabilities Down Syndrome Low Vision ADD/ADHD Coordination Disorders Sensory Disorders Delayed Fine Motor Skills Neurological Disorders