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Sep 11

What to Look for in a NH Child Therapy Provider

Choosing to enroll your child in therapy is a big step. Therapy can help your child learn and grow in ways you never thought possible – especially if they are special needs, have a learning disability or suffer from some other health condition. It can even improve their speech, their physical abilities, their social skills and encourage more advanced development overall. But in order for child therapy to deliver these kinds of benefits, you first have to make sure you select the right provider – one who’s experienced, knowledgeable and can impact your child’s life for the better.

Not sure how to do that? Just look for these top 5 factors when considering a New Hampshire child therapy provider.

  1. They offer a variety of services. Even if you think your child only needs speech therapy, it’s always best to choose a NH child therapy provider who offers more than that. Many times, children will begin their therapy sessions only to find out they need help in other areas, too. Look for a provider that offers not just speech and language therapy, but also pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, group therapy and more. If you’re child needs help in other areas of development, it’s ideal for them to continue using the same therapists they know and have become familiar with.
  2. They have group therapy options. Improving your child as an individual is important, yes, but improving their ability to interact with others is also key, too. If you want your child to be able to relate to others, communicate effectively and function properly within school or other group settings, incorporating group therapy into their lives is crucial. Always look for a NH child therapy provider who offers group options. Specifically, look for group programs that address things like communication skills, socialization, feeding and more.
  3. They have experience in special needs. If your child has special needs, a learning disability or another health condition that is affecting their development, make sure you choose a New Hampshire child therapy provider who has experience in their specific area. This will ensure your child gets the care they need, and that their therapist is well-equipped to interact and communicate with your child effectively.
  4. They’re local. Choosing a local child therapy provider can be extremely beneficial. First of all, they’re familiar with your area. They know the schools your child will go to, they have connections with local health care providers and they can refer you easily to other nearby services that can help your child. Sometimes, they may even be able to offer you special deals on local service providers. Here at KidSpeak, for example, we’ve partnered with Granite State Gymnastics to allow our patients to continue their physical therapy outside of our facilities.
  5. They take your insurance. Child therapy is not a one-time service. If you want your child to reap the full benefit of therapy, it could take months or even years of treatment. Unfortunately, if you choose a provider that doesn’t take your health insurance, those bills could really add up. Always look for a NH child therapy provider that takes your health insurance or, if they don’t, they offer some sort of payment plan you can enroll in.

Are you looking for a New Hampshire child therapy provider for your child? Consider KidSpeak Therapies. We offer speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric physical therapy and group therapy options to help your child develop their key skills. We also specialize in a number of special needs, including autism, Asperger’s, Down’s syndrome, ADHD and more. Contact us today for more information.