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Oct 19

What are some red flags that might indicate that a child would benefit from Occupational Therapy?

  • Weak or stiff uncoordinated movements
  • Awkward grasp of crayons, pencils, scissors, and/or utensils
  • Excessive seeking or avoidance of movement or touch
  • Absence of hand dominance after age 4
  • Difficulty with age appropriate self-help skills such as dressing
  • Limited attention and organizational problems at home and school
  • Difficulty with feeding, food aversions or eats a very limited diet
  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty in sports, such as catching and throwing a ball
  • Unable to ride bike independently by age 8
  • Problems regulating activity level
  • Frequent emotional outburst or “meltdowns” in behavior
  • Lack of age appropriate play skills