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Oct 19

Speech and Language Red Flags

Does your child……

  • Have difficulty paying attention and listening?
  • Have difficulty asking for help, repetition, or expressing when she does not understand something?
  • Have difficulty following directions or remembering information?
  • Have difficulty staying organized? Is his desk messy? Does he forget homework assignments and books? Does his homework get done, but not make it to his teacher?
  • Have difficulty understanding syllables and sounds in words and understanding what letters correspond to each sound?
  • Have a poor vocabulary or difficulty remembering the meaning of new words?
  • Have a diagnosis of a receptive language disorder, an expressive language disorder, or a central auditory processing disorder?
  • Have difficulty pronouncing words, understanding what he has read, and/or spelling?

Speech disorders include:

  • Pronouncing words incorrectly
  • Substituting one sound for another
  • Omitting speech sounds
  • Distorting speech sounds
  • Tongue thrust
  • Lisps
  • Stuttering
  • Voice

Language disorders include difficulty or limitations in:

  • Vocabulary
  • Identifying categories
  • Understanding or giving directions
  • Answering or asking questions
  • Using correct grammar
  • Using appropriate social language
  • Being able to express yourself
  • Understanding social language

Oral motor disorders:

  • Apraxia (motor planning problems)
  • Weakness in oral muscles
  • Weak or poor movement coordination


  • Weakness in pragmatic skills
  • Self stimulation behaviors
  • Impaired communication skills

Central Auditory Processing:

  • Impaired listening skills
  • Impaired information processing
  • Impaired auditory discrimination skills